Wide-Ranging experience for your business

Hands-on, effective, team-orientated


The effective implementation of a marketing idea requires a clear direction and a defined marketing strategy. Together we will focus the direction of the branding and ensure coordinated communication externally and internally.  


Key topics: Positioning, Branding, Media, Digitalisation, Advertising produktion. 


Customer management and segmentation, the optimisation of new customer acquisition and existing customer investment, finding the best return on advertising investment. These are examples of sales challenges where efficiency and effectiveness can be improved.


Related topics such as E-Commerce, Customer Service and Upselling can be optimised - so that your advertising budget can be better allocated.


A lot of people don´t like negotiating. We do. Together we can increase efficiency and effectiveness, without lowering our quality standards.


We place emphasis on the long-term sustainablility of the final agreements. We don´t mind stepping in even if the negotiation has already reached a deadlock.


We take care of restructuring projects with the required sensitivity and regard for the company culture.



Whether it´s a short-term project or cover whilst you are searching for the right candidate to fill a vacant position permanently.


Long-term assignments are also possible, for instance in the case of restructuring projects.