Areas of Expertise


The effective implementation of a marketing idea requires a clear direction and a defined marketing strategy. Together we will focus the direction of the branding and ensure coordinated communication internally and externally. 


Key topics: Positioning, Branding, Digitalisation, Advertising production. 


Customer Management and Segmentation; the optimisation of new customer acquisition and existing customer investment; finding the best return on advertising investment.  These are examples of sales challenges where efficiency and effectiveness can be improved.


Fundamental topics such as E-Commerce, Customer Service and Upselling can be improved so that your sales budget can be better allocated.  




A lot of people don´t like negotiations. Experienced support can help you to increase efficiency and effectiveness without lowering your quality standards. 


Value is placed on the long-term sustainability of the final agreements. Don´t hesitate to call even if the negotiations have already reached a deadlock. 


Restructuring projects are taken care of the the required sensitivity and regard for the company culture. 


Whether it´s a short-term project or cover whilst you are searching for the right candidate to fill a vacant position permanently, 


Long-term assignments are also possible, for instance in the case of restructuring projects or for International Companies who wish to improve their German operations.